Alternative Energy »

Clean and creative solutions that employ renewable or lower-polluting energy, helping counter the environmental, economic and social effects of urbanization.

Alternative energy production and demand growth is gaining momentum globally. Taking major steps in this field, China is already one of the top renewable or lower-polluting energy producers in the world. As a country with a rapidly growing economy and rapid urbanization that is expanding city limits and increasing city populations dramatically, China is implementing policies that advocate diversified energy sources. In a parallel effort, private companies are introducing innovative ways that support the use of clean energy.

EV Buy

Electric vehicles leased, rented, and supplied to institutional fleets and individuals. Vehicle charging and after sales service are key components of the service model.  EV Buy works closely with local governments, property management companies, and carmakers to provide an integrated EV solution as part of a broader electric vehicle rollout in China.

EV Buy has obtained strategic investment from Tiandi Growth Capital (TDGC, www.tdgc.com) and Gobi Partners (www.gobivc.com). TDGC is a venture capital firm focused on clean technologies, while Gobi Partners is a leading venture capital firm focused on technology and TMT.

Consumer Goods »

Consumer goods supply chains that are efficient while environmentally and socially conscious.

As disposable income increases in China, people are willing to pay a premium for quality products when a strong value proposition exists. This industry is not only expanding in scope in terms of both durable and non-durable items, but is also undergoing strategic change in terms of both demand and supply. As a result, relatively innovative, expensive, and high quality consumer goods are increasingly available.

huali tzg-logo-04 pizza GrinnSnack upperpin

Huali Store

Huali Store aspires to be China's leading brand for premium flowers and gifts. From sourcing flowers and gifts to delivering the products to end customers, the Huali team places extreme attention to detail to ensure excellent user experience. The online and offline stores have experienced substantial growth since launch due to an exceptionally strong management team and the blooming China gift market. Huali's offline stores incluulde a number of franchise partners and store-within-store formats; they contribute to the strong customer awareness of Huali today. Our mission is to bring "Customized Surprises" to the people who receive Huali gifts.

CID Group (www.cidgroup.com), a leading venture capital firm in Greater China, is a strategic investor in Huali.



FIELDS is China's premium online grocer that delivers high quality, safe and consistent products to retail customers. It provides friendly, reliable, and professional service through a user-friendly website and mobile platforms. FIELDS is growing its customers and per customer revenues rapidly in Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, and is now able to deliver nationwide to all major cities in China. All of Fields operations have been absorbed into SARG and Alibabas online grocery operations and rebranded as such.

Sun Art Retail Group (6808.HK), the largest hypermarket operator in China, which markets under the recognized banners of RT-Mart, Auchan, and Feiniu, is a strategic investor in Fields.


FSJuice is Shanghai’s first fresh juice maker built on the concept of whole food supplements. We provide a healthful snack and meal replacement solution by making better-for-you beverages, and have them delivered fresh to your door or available through premium supermarkets and convenience stores.  FSJuice offers a variety of well-formulated cold-pressed juices (greens, roots and fruits), NFC juices, nut milks, and tea options. Each 350ml bottle is packed with over 1kg of fresh raw produce, with no water, sugar or preservatives added, to maintain health, vitality and energy.

Chengwei Capital and China Consumer Retail Capital (CCRC) are strategic investors in FSJuice. Chengwei Capital is a leading private equity firm in China. And CCRC is a consumer focused private equity fund.


Pieology Pizzeria

Pieology Pizzeria is one of the leading fast casual pizza restaurants born out of Fullerton California, USA. TZG operates Pieology Pizzeria as the master franchisor for Mainland China making it the first trailblazer for combining speed, quality and creativity in the fast-growing pizza industry. We operate Pieology Pizzeria in both company owned and franchise format to ensure quality assurance and consistency of product and brand fluidity. We provide a canvas for the guests to create their own pizza at a single price creating opportunity for value and creativity through exceptional quality ingredients in a comfortable, energetic environment.

CBA player Jeremy Lin is a strategic investor in Pieology Pizzeria China. Michael Chang, former professional tennis player and Kevin Durant, NBA player, are strategic investors in Pieology Pizzeria USA.



An overwhelming majority of the snack brands in China today use an abundance of artificial additives, sugar, salt, fats in order to enhance their products taste profile. This is very unhealthful, especially for growing children. GrinnSnack products were created in collaboration with over one hundred thousand diligent mothers, insisting on select healthful ingredients and categorically rejecting artificial ingredients/preservatives. We provide your children and the snack-craving you delicious, nutritious, and safe snacks.



UpperPin aspires to be a leading provider of replica art with operations in both USA and China. Our mission is to make masterpieces affordable to the masses, enabling ordinary people to enjoy the highest level of artistic creations, in the convenience of their own home or office. Backed by a manufacturing center in China as well as local suppliers in the US, we build a low-cost, flexible production model and utilize state-of-the-art technologies and quality workmanship. We work with museums and artists directly, acquire licenses for their artworks, and replicating the artworks in pre-agreed quantities. In the US, UpperPin products are sold on online retail and home-décor channels, including Amazon, Overstock, Houzz, eBay and Etsy, with more in development. Our business in China takes on a variety of channels and formats. We use online channels such as WeChat shops and partner site Yofus.com. We also partner with offline channels such as a boutique hotel chain, a furniture store chain, and a flexible work space company.

www.upperpin.com www.upperpin.net

Financial »

Alternative financing options for small and medium sized businesses.

With customers at the center of most financial service transactions, creating innovative, convenient and high-valued services is a top priority in China. As many firms experience organic or structural growth, they are learning to accommodate customers’ expanding needs, leverage new technologies, and adopt e-business strategies. Their competitive standing is fueled not just by their changing customer demographics, but also by their international scope, cost-effectiveness and creative financing.

Q-TZG Leasing

A finance company licensed by China’s MOFCOM to conduct RMB-denominated financial and operating leasing business, Q-TZG Leasing focuses on customers and assets in the transportation and construction sectors. The company benefits from the gap between supply and demand of secured credit for small to medium sized businesses in China, which are often not able to access financing from state-owned banks. The company is recognized for its risk management, and its ability to bring value to complex deals through creative deal structuring and proprietary industry knowledge.

TZG built Q-TZG Leasing in collaboration with Q Investments of Fort Worth, Texas. The Anhui Provincial Investment Holding Company is a strategic investor in Q-TZG Leasing.


Zhejiang Construction Investment Equipment Leasing Co. Ltd.(“ZCI Leasing”)

Launched in 2005 in Hangzhou, the company provides equipment rentals, as well as value-adding services such as equipment installation, inspection and maintenance to customers. It has served customers across the Yangtze Delta region (including high-profile projects such as Hangzhou Subway, Hangzhou-Anhai Highway, No.9 Bridge on Qiantang River and West Lake Square), helping manage the necessary investment into public infrastructure as related to urbanization in China.

TZG co-invested in ZCI Leasing with Q Investments, Zhejiang Construction Investment Group, and Deson (0262.HK).


Services »

Initiatives that provide innovative services to consumers.

The services industry in China has experienced revolutionary changes as a result of innovation, regulatory developments, and shifting consumer demands. Market trends, including workforce globalization and a great focus on health, environmental protection, and social responsibility, are altering the dimensions of the industry. As a result, the next generation of services will turn workplaces and home spaces into environments that are personalized, efficient, and conscientious.


"Welcome Home" is the slogan for this network of fully serviced apartments that have been designed and furnished in a stylish yet functional manner. CityLife currently manages a network of apartments in Shanghai on behalf of individual landlords, professional real estate investors, and building developers. CityLife operates these homes as the first branded network of serviced apartments in China, adhering to the highest international service standards. Our tenants include executives and visitors from all over the world, as well as both Chinese and international white collar professionals.

CityLife was acquired by Yoland International.

Ningbo Hualuxe Hotel

The Ningbo Hualuxe Hotel is the centerpiece of major redevelopment currently underway to transform the Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone, also known as Beilun, in the downtown area. The 345-room five-star 57,000 square meter project also features a middle tier hotel, offices and a retail and entertainment center. As the result of significant strategic planning and partnerships amongst hospitality experts, this property is a local landmark and managed by the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

Q Towers International

A mobile telecommunications asset servicing and financing company that is poised to undertake significant asset build-out, acquisition, and leasing activities in China’s mobile communications market. The company identifies signal coverage gaps, proactively and in partnership with mobile carriers. Q Towers International is widely regarded as a pioneer and creative expert in telecom leasing and co-location, thereby leading the efforts to increase asset utilization and efficiency in the industry.

TZG built Q Towers International in collaboration with Q Investments of Fort Worth, Texas.

Serenity Post-Natal Wellness Center

Serenity is a wellness center that provides hospitality, care, and education to newborn infants and their mothers. In Chinese tradition, for the mother this one-month period immediately after giving birth is not only a time of recuperation and recovery, but also an opportunity for re-birth. Serenity combines international-level service and care with this Chinese tradition to provide an environment and experience focused on health, safety, and quality.

CID Group (www.cidgroup.com), a leading venture capital firm in Greater China, is a strategic investor in Serenity.


XCELL selects leading brands from around the world and distributes them with the best service for our enterprise and retail partners and ultimately our end-consumers. Sharing our passion for fashionable, healthful, and high-quality consumer goods with China, we are all about promoting modern lifestyle and quality of life through great products. XCELL partners with over 20 renowned brands from all around the world to offer a comprehensive range of products for professionals and consumers alike, including food & beverage, furniture & decoration, small household appliances, gift cards, fashion, beauty & health, and customized gifts.

Xi'An Huichen Telecom

A specialist mobile communications engineering and servicing company, Huichen has received numerous awards and recognition. Its mission is to build a world-class wireless network, as summed up by its motto standing in China, facing the world.

TZG co-invested in Huichen with Q Investments of Fort Worth, Texas. TZG exited its stake in Huichen to Tuopo Asset Management in 2011.


Travel »

Drawing on TZG’s experience and expertise to serve Asian tourists in a range of unique ways.

In this day and age, travel is a multi-dimensional experience, and not only are customers more exacting and knowledgeable but they are also calling for a greener experience when traveling. The travel industry, like all industries, is becoming more accountable for its impact on the health and sustainability of the planet. Cross sector innovation across China is generating new ideas and translating them into realities that bring about change. Through targeted initiatives, companies are pointing the way toward greater economic and social wellness, environmental protection and restoration for current and future generations.


China will continue to see increasing leisure time and disposable income of the burgeoning middle class nationwide. Government policy supports expansion of the high-speed rail network and growth in the tourism industry. As discretionary vacation days, personal vehicle ownership and family outings become more common, demand for large-scale popular entertainment grows. The Shanghai Expo and Shanghai Disneyland show the popularity of a wide range of attractions, shows and related service businesses. AsiaParks enters into partnerships with developers and world-class brands to create and manage theme parks and destination resorts.

AsiaParks was acquired by theme park equipment manufacturer Jingang Culture & Tech Group.


The company was founded to open up Western China to luxury tourism. TGL has completed the design and construction of Tangula Luxury Trains, three-luxury tourist trains which will run on two routes, Beijing – Lhasa and Beijing – Dali/Lijiang, with stops in tourist destinations. TZG sold its controlling stake to a strategic investor in 2007, ceding its role in operations.